Educated Children will Build a Well-Developed India

Children are called the key of paradise. It is important to ensure that they are well-educated and healthy. The Akshaya Patra Foundation, a non-profit-organisation, which is in the forefront in ensuring the welfare of children as it aims to feed the future now.

It is important to educate them and ensure that they become a responsible citizen of the country. Children are the future of the country. Their actions will determine the future of the nation. To ensure that they receive proper nutrition and education, the Government of India has come up with numerous initiatives. Mid-Day Meal Scheme being one of them.

child empowerment

It is important that every citizen of the country understands the importance of doing their bit to ensure that children are consuming nutritious food. This is important for proper development of their mind and body.

Children should be free of fear, hunger, preventable diseases etc., to ensure they lead a happy life. The situations in some parts of the world makes it unsuitable for children to live. Take the case of man-made preventable wars and conflicts as in Syria today that has seen children being the worst affected due to the conflicts and have been left to the forces of many a deviant ideology.

In the month of November, when we also celebrate Children’s Day is a time for all adults to affirm that children would never have to suffer for the follies of some adults. Nor will they be allowed to suffer from hunger. This is where Akshaya Patra plays a major role. It ensures that children of school-going age need not miss school for want of food.

It is such efforts that ensures child empowerment in India. The act of empowering children helps guide them to feel and believe that they are powerful now as well as creating optimum conditions for them to live happily.

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How ambitious classmates motivate others to think of a bright future for themselves?

Children are hungry for knowledge and we need to feed them with the right kind of information. This is why the schools have a set curriculum. Through this they ensure that the students are exposed to the kind of information they can comprehend. But how do children get the motivation to have aspirations or dreams for future?

Here’s where the term ‘peer pressure’ comes to play. Children have a tendency to imitate what others are doing around them. So when they see their classmates doing well in studies, they feel motivated to pursue the same. However, this healthy and competitive environment can be marred by the existence of one factor – hidden hunger. This makes it important to stop hidden hunger now.

hidden hunger

When we don’t feed the children with nutritious food, we leave them hungry partially. This is why we need to stop hidden hunger now as it directly relates to the growth of the children.  When we feed the children with wholesome meals, they don’t’ feel hungry and are motivated to compete. But with hidden hunger, children don’t feel healthy and strong and can’t focus on their studies.

A nation-wide campaign Feed The Future Now is an endeavour to stop hunger now by feeding the hungry children. The campaign targets hidden hunger by taking nutritious meals to schools. When children get these wholesome meals, they feel motivated to dream big, which is otherwise not possible if the child suffers from hidden hunger. They compare their ambitions with those of their peers and develop competence.

Several times, two close friends start off chasing a common dream as they inspire each other. The top ranking students in class create a sense of standard within a classroom. Nothing motivates children than seeing their friends succeed. This makes it important to feed the hungry children.

As the campaign observes Hunger Action month, let’s pledge to encourage our children to have goals. Let’s help in creating an environment of healthy competition where ambitious children study together and motivate each other.

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Nutritious food is a step towards child empowerment in India

How can child empowerment happen in India? Where exactly should it begin? Our children have the right to food which is important to keep them healthy and here’s where their empowerment should start from. Despite that India’s food production has increased almost two times in the last two decades, we are unable to provide food to a large section of people.

Our industrial and food production advances unfortunately have not helped us feed all the children. Hidden hunger is a reality in India for many. Some statistics from the UNICEF are alarming. FAO in ‘The State of Food Insecurity in the World, 2015” reports that 194.6 million people are undernourished in India. Also 44% of children below the age of five are underweight. Malnourished children have a higher risk of death from common childhood illnesses such as diarrhea, pneumonia, and malaria.

Other undernourished children, who survive, grow up in an environment of depravity and lack of education. They are more prone to adopt anti-social ways of living their life since they are desperate to provide for themselves and their family. Thus, child empowerment in India cannot happen without entitling the right to food to the children. They need nutritious meals every single day so they are able to grow up in a healthier and a more progressive environment.

feed the children

Feed The Future Now  is a national campaign, started by The Akshaya Patra Foundation, that is aimed at feeding the children and providing them with means to empower themselves. The campaign directs its focus towards child empowerment in India by serving mid-day meals to school children. That way, the children get their right to food and are motivated to attend schools every day.

This indeed is the need of the hour for various reasons. First, India ranks at 97 out of 118 countries on the Global Hunger Index on the basis of three indicators – prevalence of wasting and stunting in children under five years, under five child mortality rate, and the proportion of undernourished in the population. By this measure India is home to a quarter of the undernourished population in the world.

This needs to stop and it begins from feeding the children. When organisations come together to help a cause such as Feed The Future Now, the government is able to get the required resources to ensure every child is well fed. Children who are nourished and educated are able to channelise their energy towards creative pursuits. Feeding the children is really akin to feeding the future because educated children make for responsible adults. Right to food is fundamental to their development as well as the progress of the society.

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Empowered children of India make a developed country

The Maslow’s theory – hierarchy of needs – lists physiological needs as the most basic to a person’s development and motivation. These physiological needs include the right to food, water and sleep. Unless these needs are met, other needs such as safety, belongingness, esteem and self-actualisation cannot be fulfilled. Only when these essentials are brought together, we can raise an empowered child in India.

Many children are deprived of food and education for various reasons. According to the UNESCO Institute of Statistics 2016 report, every year 47 million Indian children drop out of schools by the time they reach Std X. There has been a direct correlation between school dropout rate and classroom hunger.

This has a direct impact on the growth of our nation since school dropouts render the educational system inefficient and redundant. Feed The Future Now is an initiative that aims to aid children by creating a sustainable platform. Unless children have the right to food and education, a developed nation cannot be built.

Child Empowerment

Empowered children have a purpose

Every child has the right to food and children’s empowerment in India is impossible without it. Children who are empowered with health and education are motivated and often take up initiatives. They have dreams and aspirations.

Empowered children are productive

We need to feed the children with nutrition if we want to see a cognitive development among them. This is crucial to develop their creative faculties. Empowered children are driven and creative. When they grow up, they have productive ideas of transforming the society and the world at large.

Empowered children are leaders of tomorrow

Empowered children are most likely to contribute to the society as they are skilled to lead or set examples. By feeding the children, empowering them with right to food and education, we are inspiring them to become leaders of tomorrow.

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