The Maslow’s theory – hierarchy of needs – lists physiological needs as the most basic to a person’s development and motivation. These physiological needs include the right to food, water and sleep. Unless these needs are met, other needs such as safety, belongingness, esteem and self-actualisation cannot be fulfilled. Only when these essentials are brought together, we can raise an empowered child in India.

Many children are deprived of food and education for various reasons. According to the UNESCO Institute of Statistics 2016 report, every year 47 million Indian children drop out of schools by the time they reach Std X. There has been a direct correlation between school dropout rate and classroom hunger.

This has a direct impact on the growth of our nation since school dropouts render the educational system inefficient and redundant. Feed The Future Now is an initiative that aims to aid children by creating a sustainable platform. Unless children have the right to food and education, a developed nation cannot be built.

Child Empowerment

Empowered children have a purpose

Every child has the right to food and children’s empowerment in India is impossible without it. Children who are empowered with health and education are motivated and often take up initiatives. They have dreams and aspirations.

Empowered children are productive

We need to feed the children with nutrition if we want to see a cognitive development among them. This is crucial to develop their creative faculties. Empowered children are driven and creative. When they grow up, they have productive ideas of transforming the society and the world at large.

Empowered children are leaders of tomorrow

Empowered children are most likely to contribute to the society as they are skilled to lead or set examples. By feeding the children, empowering them with right to food and education, we are inspiring them to become leaders of tomorrow.

You can contribute positively towards the child empowerment in India by simply being part of Feed The Future Now. Donate today


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